The reason why I blog…

I don’t wish to make this sound like I am trying to FORCE you to love me. That is not what this is about. What I’m trying to say with this is that I wish you’d stop insisting that you love me while you still refuse to even truly talk to me… But stick to superficials, like school, work, other people’s superficial lives, and… shopping. You know, the stuff you call “personal information”. I have a specific family member in mind, obviously. I don’t care if we share blood if my thoughts do not interest you, it is not love for me, it is love for your own genes and your own excellence, not me.

You wish to preserve your illusion that you and I are alike by not listening to me, and by not reading my thoughts. You blind yourself from the fact that we are nothing alike, and you know that your love for me would die if you looked, or… Perhaps, you would awaken to the horrifying reality that you have always sold me short, never gave me enough credit… And that is why you look away.

Most people do not really need a reminder of this very simple truth as it is obvious to them.

You Don’t Know Me If You Don’t Know My Thoughts, and You Don’t Love Me if They Do Not Arouse Your Interest…

Have you ever read anything I wrote with absolute delight at what you read?


Then, you are not a true friend, nor do you have the right to call yourself my friend. I kid you not. It’s that important to me.

We might share hobbies and interests, but if you don’t have time for my writing, we do not share a TRUE friendship, we’re just acquaintances.

Just FYI, that’s all.

And… Those of you who do read for no reason but to entertain yourselves…. YOU are more important to me than any person I speak to in person who doesn’t have time for my thoughts and feelings.

Should be obvious.

I blog to reach people who love me. I blog a lot to find people who adore me.

Should be obvious.

Also, as it turns out… It’s a short supply of people.

And sadly, doesn’t guarantee I love you back… But… Then, the truest form of love doesn’t expect that, and I wish I found people who love me in a way that I am able to make their world a better place by me simply being in it, THAT would be amazing. I wish to make people’s world a better place, I really do, but lately, it’s been the opposite, but it seems I need to tear down old friendships and connections to make room for new ones, so that’s what I’m doing.

I’m making space for the people who TRULY need me to exist, rather than just tolerate the fact I do.

Go away.

Go away…

Go away.

The space you take is reserved for someone else. Fuck off.