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The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology is a soulmate relationship theory

...that your mother might hate me for creating

The Personality Spirit Mirror Soulmate Typology is a soulmate relationship theory combining spiritual and psychological aspects that both have a strong influence on how we fall in love and connect to each other. The theory covers love relationships, family relationships, and friendships, and is also very applicable to work relationships. The way I see the link between spirituality and psychology is that I feel psychology is the cognitive understanding of our emotions while spirituality is the “raw data” of it. While, in my view, all spirituality is essentially psychology, there is a point to be made there: Where spirituality often ignores psychological facts when attempting to explain relationship, psychology just as blatantly ignores the “spiritual” aspects that affects us and who we fall for. I believe that the best way to explain our relationships is by simply replacing the events of “death and rebirth” with the concept of “memory loss”. We are dealing with issues that are still deep in our souls from past lives, we simply have forgotten why we are angry, why we feel used, why we cannot let go, and finally and most importantly; why some people who we have never met before feel to us like we returned home from outer space.

What creates the most intense soulmate relationships

This is where things get tricky. Not all of our relationships are a simple function of familiarity and repetition. The most intense of them are a combination of two things:

  • Complete, deep compatibility (and I so hate the word)
    • Created through adjusting to each other through time and/or
    • By independent work on oneself done separately creating a personality pair that simply “clicks”
  • History and shared lifetimes; getting USED TO this person being everything to you so much so that you do not know how to breathe without this person.

The problem with these relationships comes from society and our need to push everyone into the same box thinking “normal” (as in what is common) is the same thing as “healthy”, based on our cultural background and beliefs of all kinds, where the opinion of the majority dictates what is right and what is wrong, ignoring the individual’s freedom of being who they are. Because our most intense soulmates love us for exactly the traits that we possess naturally, they, also, reject everything in us that is inauthentic. For as long as we are pretending to be someone we are not, our most intense soulmates don’t want anything to do with you – and are usually quite angry at you for not being the real you who they love so much they could cry. Of course, they don’t know why they hate your fakeness, they simply sense something is off and they react to it.

Based on my view, soulmate relationships are based on raw sexual desire

Photo by Moottoriperä

Now, the reason why your mother might hate me is this: One of the major points of a soulmate connection and societal oppression is, of course, your natural sexuality. Most of us have strong sexual fetishes stemming back eons of incarnations that were developed during times when we were free to explore those feelings, and obviously, our natural, most intense soulmate relationships are based on raw sexual desire. Because church and religions, New Age included, have tried to suppress our sexuality for yonks and pass it for something to avoid and to get rid of, we can find it very difficult to find our way to our True Spirit Mirrors for the simple fact that we have been trained to avoid the people we feel instant lust towards. In our current society, one would think we would have gotten over the fear of sex, but it seems to have gotten worse and worse by every passing generation. We are currently only years away from a state where men need to sign legal contracts before touching a female even during a casual encounter, let alone a marriage… I hope we can avoid that future by understanding the nature of sexuality and how it links to our soul-being and our soulmate relationships.

I am guiding people back to their authentic selves, and in the centre of that is our authentic sexuality, but what we must learn about ourselves in order to find the perfect relationship is hardly limited to sexuality. The less you fit into the societal norm or the box that society is trying to push you into, the more aware you are of the box on offer and what you are expected to be. That is an advantage in itself because people who feel the pressure to be a certain way are already naturally inclined to do the work needed to reconnect with their most intense soulmates. Then again, those who are closest to the box will not need as much help as those of us who have to struggle free from the societal expectations and oppression our true nature faces every single day. And as I am trying to convince people to live their lives for themselves in order to find their true happiness, it may mean that a lot of taboos will be explored and a lot of boundaries will be crossed and fences turned over.

I am trying to help you identify your soulmates so that you can make smarter, less cynical decisions on who to chase and who to leave alone, and what might be the driving force of each soulmate relationship you are experiencing. And, of course, I am guiding you to the exact people your mother warned you about…







© Copyright 1998-2015 Riina "Sebastyne" Rinkineva of Ring-Key-Nevah

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