Spring cleaning

This place in my head is a miserable squalor!
I thought as I couldn’t get things done.
I couldn’t find anything,
didn’t find a place for anything.
Nothing looked right!

Avoiding it for too long,
My life guides insisting my junk was not needed,
I’d shoved things back into the drawers,
back into the back of shelves,
untouched, uncleaned,

Living inside my head,
With all that junk that didn’t belong there,
Not finding stuff that I needed
I decided on a frustrated mood…
It all had to come good,
Straightened out and organized.

So I pulled it all out of the closets,
off the attic and from the drawers,
I dug it up and piled it up onto the living room floor:
What to keep, what to toss,
And what was I missing so I could cross
the border that kept me from my life,
from the happiness I wanted,
The fulfillment that I needed,
The trip of a lifetime I had to make.

I pulled it all out, drawers full of my neighbor’s junk,
Shit they’d borrowed and never returned,
I insisted they did me right,
found my stuff  and I’d scream and fight,
Let go you bitch that dress is mine,
I made it for me, for my man so fine,
You ain’t walking in it down that line,
Deceiving my man that was your shine…

I made it good, I fixed it all up,
I found my stuff and threw out lots
The gifts once given that were ever worth naught,
Given to me as precious and taught;
You shall be ever so happy,
if only you wear this adult nappy,
They’d insist and leave me with all that shit,
Until I decided, well fuck that’s it!

So now I’ve fixed it, cleaned it all up,
And what do you know, what do I got?

A dungeon right in the back of my palace,
A church and a garden, and a tower, and alas!
I turned out to be a princess,
said to be a frog,
But this I tell you, what you are I’m not!
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,
What scares you to death gives me pleasure!

I’m going now, so say your goodbyes,
And before you know it – you know time flies,
You think you have to hold onto me tight,
But as time passes by you realize I’m right,
Your neighborhood was never made for me,
And as you are sitting there sipping your tea,
I’ll be away with my men getting licked,
once you convinced me it would be quite sick,
The way I like my men and their dick…

But all that jive is not what this is about,
but you surely shall find all of it out,
As there certainly is very little doubt,
that what I found should be shout out loud.
I’ll be out of your hair but mostly for me,
I will finally be free to be me,
Not in just my own house but the place I’ll build
For stuff I’ll need in my life sans the guilt,
All is good, and I’ll forget you too,
but not until I’ve said a big loud BOO! :D