I Blog About Everything

Although I try to keep things civil and not drag you into any scandals on purpose, I do have a near compulsory habit of blogging about everything about my life, and I intend to extend on this rather than reel it back in.

I have slowed down my writing for a while as I work out exactly how I want to move on, but I do feel a strong inner push towards revealing everything – and if you already thought my filters are seriously faulty, I’m removing the rest of them… And I thought you’d like to know.

That is to say; if you value your privacy, please keep your distance. I blog about my sexual partners, too, married or not, but I’ll omit the immediately identifiable information unless you’ve got no qualms about being public about this side of your life. However, if we’re ever seen together, that may cause an issue for you, as I blog under the name everyone knows me by.

I am aware of “what this will do to my reputation” thank you very much, probably better than you do.