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Writing for the stars

How does a gossip-blind girl become a celeb blogger?

All my life, I have scoffed at people who are obsessed by celebrity. I would turn up my nose at famous people, fearing that they’d think I’m impressed by their fame if they saw me looking too long. I had my idols that I picked purely based on their talent and ideals (and yeah, looks, too, it is an ideal I value; minding what you look like), but I never looked up gossip about them, I never read one article about their married life or their relationships, I barely knew my #1 idol, Nuno Bettencourt, got married, and I had no idea that he’d had a girlfriend the whole time I idolized him. When he married, I went “Suzie who?” I took pride in being “a professional fan”, this was purely a relationship between a fan and her idol, and it wasn’t supposed to be personal in any way.

To turn from that into a celeb blogger was quite a leap.

In 2012, I unlocked my psychic abilities. Long story short, I found myself sitting in a celebrity crowd in my bedroom, to the outside staring at a wall, but internally, having the biggest laugh with A-list celebrities. It all started quite innocently, I simply wanted to ask Steven Tyler and Joe Perry something, (no you don’t have to be dead for that) and that conversation got a bit long and sucked in other people – most of whom were red carpet regulars. This conversation opened up a view on the issues of being famous, to the extent that I HAD TO start writing.

The official diagnosis: Psychosis. And nothing in this world will convince me to take a pill to end this party.


I will give you No guilt trips No luxury item or expensive holiday ads No charities or donation requests – Just stuff to read before bedtime.




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