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The first photo ever published on Sebastyne.net

The first photo ever published on Sebastyne.net in 2001

Although I am not doing this for money, I do feel it adds something exciting to the play. For a while, I’ll have the memberships very clean and simple, and there will be a free option available for the Early Birds that you are free to grab for the first year. I’ll remove it from the available options at some stage, but it will remain active for the entire year from the time  you join. This free membership is available just to get my creative juices flowing – I like the idea of someone already reading.

The option to make an occasional payment is also there, so if you like, you can just grab the $15 one out of sheer love for me, but it won’t be necessary for a while. After a while, I’ll add additional memberships for different kinds of users.

There is also a couple of member groups that I will add people to personally when I feel like it, for my own secret reasons. :)

And, then there’s the interesting one. The super expensive one. That option is the only one available for girls. As this is my PERSONAL website, and for  my personal fun, I don’t really want girls to join. However, if you insist, there’s a price option for you, too, but I will be raising the price on that until nobody wants to take it anymore. And if you lie about being a bloke and take one of the dude-options, and I find out you are, after all, a girl, I will be charging you the full amount on your girl membership.

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