Read between my thighs

Some content on this blog maybe offensive on many levels.

sexy blogI want to invite you to play with me. This is my blog, my home on the Internet.

I will introduce myself to you in a minute if you do not know me. I want you to know me, truly, deeply, even if we haven’t met. That means I will remove all the filters I’ve had in place, and granted, the habit of keeping stuff under wraps is really strong and I need to get used to not filtering myself so much.

Years ago, I started this blog so that I could be completely honest with everyone about what I was thinking. I thought I’d keep it from my friends and family, but then I decided to tell them about it because it was too fun to keep a secret. It was never too racy anyway, at that time, so I figured it would be OK. It only lead to me censoring myself again.

Now, I want to go back to those roots, and the only thing I will be monitoring is to try to make sure you don’t wind up reading or seeing anything by accident. I will be over-sharing, and I want you to be cool with it or go away.

I would like to tell you what to think about my site and how to feel about it if you are unsure. :D I want you to feel curious, excited, turned on, and I want you to feel NO guilt about looking at this site, be disgusted, if you must, but don’t feel guilty.

What you might be curious about; I am completely heterosexual androphile, and although I am single right now, I consider myself polyandrist. I want the men who I interact with to find the idea of sharing me (or their actual girlfriend) a turn on. If you read the site, doesn’t mean I take your interest in the theory of it as a personal interest toward me – unless you lead me to believe that otherwise.

So, welcome… Be curious.

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