Missing me?

You can find me blogging currently at theXblog.org. It is a project I’ve been working on while away from Sebastyne-sites, featuring all of the old stuff and then some. I counted some words. I’ve written enough blog posts to tally up to a total of 21 average length self-help books, out of which 17 books worth is published on theXblog – for approved members. I regard this stuff is gold, therefore I haven’t approached publishers because I know the deal I’d get would be rubbish not having any background to it, no matter what it’s worth… And I do expect to make millions out of all of this.

Also, I go by the name Alpha Rinkineva now, you know how I’ve always hated my name but couldn’t think of a perfect one. I’ve got one now. Köyhät kyykkyyn.

So join up while you still have a chance to keep me to yourself for a while.




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